jojojona's Hopper Parts 1.4

Some parts for the Ibishu Hopper.

  1. 1.4 - It's a kart!

    This update adds more high-performance parts, mainly suspension parts.
    It also adds a kart configuration because I felt like making one.

    Other than that there have been some tweaks regarding the configs, mostly changes in value. There are also V5 versions of the Drag and Hillclimb config.
  2. 1.3 - New configs and some fixes

    This update adds some cheaper configurations and fixes some things.
  3. 1.2 - Some fixes and high performance parts.

    This update adds 9 new high-performance parts:
    - Stage 2 turbochargers,
    - Stage 2 performance long blocks,
    - And 3 ECU's for the V5 engine.

    It also fixes some configuration descriptions and adds 2 hillclimb configurations which both produce more than 550 PS.

  4. 1.1 - Big update

    This update brings many new parts such as:
    - 6 new transfercases,
    - 2 new differentials,
    - A V5 engine,
    - 2 new transmissions,
    - And fuel injection.

    It also has 7 new configurations:
    - A drag and a track-ready configuration,
    - A manual and automatic sub-base configuration,
    - A cheap off-road configuration named the "Piglet",
    - A special configuration,
    - And a sport version of the ZXT-6 named the "SXT-6".

    Note on how to use the Transmatic automatic gearbox:
    - Switch to Low on the...
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