Beta jojojona's T-Series Parts 1.6

Some parts for the T-series.

  1. 1.6

    Thank you to @Braskus for creating 4 new differentials!
    The differentials are all 2.20 differentials, two of which are locking differentials. Equipping them will make your truck go up to 300 km/h!
  2. 1.5 - Fixed some bugs

    Thank you to @Braskus for reporting that the 8-speed automatic transmission didn't work.
  3. 1.4 - Updated for BeamNG v0.12

    This version updates the mod for BeamNG version 0.12
  4. 1.3 - Added insane turbocharger.

    This update adds an insane turbocharger as requested by mooks45.
    It very strongly dislikes the driveshaft.
    Warranty void if installed on any engine other than the TCX-I.
    I also upgraded the properties of the TCX-I to be able to handle the insane turbocharger.
  5. 1.2

    I added a 7-speed sequential transmission and a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission.
  6. 1.1

    I added my username to the ingame part names so they are easily recognisable.
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