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K-Performance V8 1.0

K-Performances first "independant" production car

  1. PlayKoyote24
    The V8 is the first K-Performance car, that's not just a tuned and modified car from a different manufacturer (they still modify cars on comission etc...)

    The V8 sits on a slightly modified Koyote Altair (their midsize sedan) frame and shares many of its's proportions (and many fixtures, like the shape/cutouts of the lights) with the Altair Sport coupe, altough every single panel is different and the V8 has a different side view and different proportions on the rear half.
    "But Tim, that means it is just a modified Altair!!" Well yes but no. It has its own VIN number... errr well, if the Cupra Forrmentor counts as an independant car, the K-Performance V8 does so too!

    The V8 has a stiffed up frame compared to the Altair aswell as a structually strenghend roof. The suspension is a new sportsuspension, the rear diff, the gearbox and the interior was improved, there are new colour options (like the starlight blue from the pics)...

    And the engine is a completely new ALSi 5V V8 with 5.3l displacement, really great throttle response and 605hp. Also, unlike the Altair Apex, it is rwd only!

    And drive it carefully, even the esc doesn't know how to handle this beast.


    Warning: Smoking kills
    screenshot_2020-07-02_15-12-28.png screenshot_2020-07-02_15-12-37.png screenshot_2020-07-02_15-12-46.png screenshot_2020-07-02_15-12-59.png screenshot_2020-07-02_16-04-21.png
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