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K-Performance Valkyrie & Valhalla 1.0

High Performance Sportcoupe / Speedster (no roof)

  1. PlayKoyote24
    screenshot_2020-07-12_15-12-52.png screenshot_2020-07-16_20-43-45.png screenshot_2020-07-16_20-44-01.png screenshot_2020-07-24_15-14-07.png screenshot_2020-07-24_15-14-20.png

    The K-Performance Valkyrie and Valhalla are the first truely independent K-Performance cars and share only a bit of switchgear and the gearbox with a Koyote Sportscar, everything else is bespoke to those mad things.

    Both share the same 5.8l V8 engine, based on the V8 from the K-Performance V8, but with 0.5l more displacement and two turbochargers, pushing the cars up to 800hp and crazy amounts of torque. The Valkyrie/Valhalla features AWD and Dualclutchtransmission and starts at 160.000€ for the Valkyrie (Coupe) and 189.000€ for the Valhalla (Speedster)
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