Beta Kawa Motors Luna R1-V1.0.1

A late 80's Japanese "Bubble" Sports Car

  1. GroundHOG-2010

    Thank you for checking out my mod.

    This is a late 80's sports car based on various Japanese cars of the time. This was the period of the Japanese Asset Bubble, and car companies were often coming out with interesting vehicles. It was also the golden age of Japanese sports cars. This vehicle merges some of the concepts and ideas from those vehicles of the time to hopefully create a fun vehicle to drive. I will be continuing to work on this mod for quite a while, as it is not currently to my liking. But this is an initial version of the mod.

    Notable Features
    - Working manual gearstick
    - A basic car electrics system
    - Custom digital dashboard
    - Distance based dome and door lights
    - Working doors, hood, and trunk

    The base variant has a slightly less than 200hp 2.5L V6, the standard suspension, and no ABS, while the "Usagi" version has a more powerful 2.5L V6, stiffer suspension and ABS.

    Vehicle Lore
    The Luna was created by the Kawa Motors company as part of a bold new direction for the company. Due to the asset bubble, the company had more money and so decided to diversify from just a small car maker to having a luxury division as well, with the Luna being their first sports car. The car was only released in Japan, where it sold well enough until the end of the asset bubble. With the subsequent need for Kawa Motors to cut costs and settle their debts, the car was discontinued in 1994 after six years of production.

    Created by GroundHOG-2010
    Test Driven by Crownless, Ekai Min, Shadow_353
    Creation Inspired by Fillman86, Oliver (JustOli)


Recent Reviews

  1. CanCan_0103
    Version: R1-V1.0.1
    really amazing quality!
  2. NiteDragonGG_YT
    Version: R1-V1.0.1
    technically i havent driven this myself yet but I saw it on a stream and i need to rate this for the detail, time and effort you put into this
  3. Shadow_353
    Version: R1-V1.0.1
    Technically I test drove this.. But, god dam it I can't resist rating it.
  4. PowerstrokeHD
    Version: R1-V1.0.1
    what? why? how? What else are you going to add global wheels lmao?
    1. GroundHOG-2010
      Author's Response
      There are a lot of plans for the car, but they include removing as many automation models from the vehicle as possible. During that I will probably add support for global wheels and tyres, as well as some new custom rims and tyres for the vehicle.
  5. JustOli
    Version: R1-V1.0.1
    A truly amazing car with almost an endless amount of features to explore. The amount of effort that went into this and level of execution deserves a lot of praise. I'll be playing around with this one for a while. Well done!
  6. Duh anime addict
    Duh anime addict
    Version: R1-V1.0.1
    1. GroundHOG-2010
      Author's Response
      5 weeks worth of work and a couple of hundred hours.
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