Beta KLJP Core Mod 1.21

Core mod required in all KLJP branded mods

  1. Bugfixing

    -fixed missing opacity map and incorrect texture routing
  2. More Bugfixes / New Rims


    More rims, more hubcaps, more fixes, and more fun
    -Added "White" color to the AL-Z
    -tons of new 16x7 sizes
    -Added "Polished" and "Gunmetal" colors to the RS
    -new wheel drip for the Sunburst including hubcaps, silver steelies, and alloy rims by @Theo Wilkinson

    As always, that's it for now; have fun.
  3. More Rims / Updated Sounds


    Small update that introduces some new rims by @LJ74 and @FalloutNode as well as some general fixes
    -Added "Facelift SBR4" series of rims
    -Added new "BR-X" and "BR-X HTi" series of rims
    -Fixed wobbly AL-Z rims

    Thats all for now, have fun.
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