Koyote JT 1.0

Koyotes stylish compact crossover (or lifted less practical, more expensive Vector mk5...)

  1. PlayKoyote24
    The JT is basically a 2020 Koyote Vector, the new one that only has FX3 (3cylinder) engines and fwd.

    screenshot_2022-03-18_16-03-06.png screenshot_2022-03-18_16-03-16.png
    So... the base variant, the NA-T (standing for naturally aspirated turbocharged.... I know!) is only fwd and uses a 114hp FX3 engine.
    It is turbocharged, but only with 0.1 bar of boost. There's the general rule, when tuning a normal car (not some fancy race car) that 0.1 bar more equals about 10hp. And that's correct, because without the turbo, the engine would make 102hp. So the turbo adds 12hp.

    screenshot_2022-03-18_16-04-57.png screenshot_2022-03-18_16-05-56.png
    If that isn'tb enough for you, ypu can opt for the 15.T, same engine but with actual boost so it produces 150hp. Also... same car.

    The 15.HT has 180hp because it uses even more boost, it also addds AWD to the car
    I screenshot_2022-03-18_16-07-24.png screenshot_2022-03-18_16-07-34.png
    In order to be cool, tKoyote gave the JT a sporty version (but NOT the Vektor that is stuck with only 3 cylinders and no sports version).
    The E210. It was only a limited production run with the FX3 engine, but the Turbocharger from and FX4 HT. So it uses less boost and therefore has less torque, but it has more airmass to bring teh car up to 210hp.

    Some people tried applying the software of the 300hp FX4 HT, since this FX3 is the same engine with a cylinder cut off and the same turbo... and it works. This is a popular mod since it's flashing an OEM software to the ECU and the car has 250hp afterwardsa and the ECU does not care for the missing cylinder since it is listed as deactivated in teh ECUs hardware.

    But why was the E210 a limited production run?
    Because the actual sporty version took longer:
    the JT Apex:
    It uses an 2.0 FX4 engien that's similar to the HT with 300hp.
    Yes, actually a 4 cylinder in a new Koyote compact car. Just not the Vektor where people want it...
    It has 300hp and yeah... that's it.
    So some people obviously tried to mod this aswell. By swapping out the turbo for the one from the 500hp Altair Apex and applying a new software... you get 435hp since the internals of this FX4 and the FX4 Apex are not entirely the same, just really close.
    But yeah, the Stret tuned Apex variant has 435hp

    Now imagine if Koyote puts this engine in the comapct vektor instead of this SUV....
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