Koyote Skyward 1.0

Koyotes next-gen Supercar/Hypercar. Replaces the Apex, the Hurricane and the SS

  1. PlayKoyote24
    This is the new 2021 Koyote Skyward.

    Koyote had three lines of exclusive sports cars before:
    - The Hurricane/Integer/Intacher Series with rwd and mid mounted V10 engines with not too-crazy numbers... but nice interiors
    -The SS series with awd, group C Bodies and an old LeMans Prototype as the Base, also the engines were bespoke highend V10s with crazy amounts of horsepower, the cars had similar interiors to the Hurricane
    - The Apex, witch had rwd, a small turbo V10 and was compeltely focused on handling and track usage and naked interiors, small 3.777l race V10s whilst still getting 920hp out. And it weighs only 960kg...

    Because this is kinda stupid and expensive and besides the Apex, they where technically a bit old... Koyote replaced all of the with the all new Koyote Skyward.

    The car has a bigger engine than the Apex for more low end torque but a similar power map, the car has awd, new styling with the new Koyote-face and a nice interior. The engines makes 925hp, the car gets nearly 400kph fast, handles pretty nice and with 1150kg it is fairly lightweight.
    Also, the frame, especially at the rear end, is reinforced for maximum stiffnes of the chassis (i saw how the frame of a east-german/communist wartburg looks like and basically implemented such a frame additionally at the rear end lol)

    Also, it was made with the open beta but exported with the standard version so everything works as intended. I will improve on the car in the future as spme things are still a bit wobbly or weird.
    Please give feedback and rate the car
    screenshot_2020-12-24_13-52-49.png screenshot_2020-12-24_13-53-07.png screenshot_2020-12-24_13-53-24.png screenshot_2020-11-29_20-12-43.png screenshot_2020-11-29_20-13-31.png screenshot_2020-11-29_20-14-18.png screenshot_2020-11-29_20-14-27.png Photo1.png Photo2.png Photo3.png Photo4.png Photo10.png
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