Beta Lamari Trackpro 1.0

A mix between an old sports car and modern technology

  1. jarnomodderkolk
    The Lamari Trackpro is a combination of an old race car and modern technology, trying to get the best of both worlds.
    This spec has a high revving V10 with no turbos. which sounds absolutely beautiful! (a bit like the Lexus LFA)

    Driving this car hard is best done with a controller or even better a wheel, since it has not TC or ESC it can have some oversteer moments if you don't pay attention, especially on a keyboard.

    There is currently 1 version of this car, at a later time I want to make some more versions like a turbo and 12V spec.

    LamariTrackpro2.png LamariTrackpro.png LamariTrackpro4.png LamariTrackpro3.png

    Benchmarks automation:
    0 - 100 in 4.2 seconds
    top speed 247 kmh

    (These benchmarks were made on gridmap and might not represent the road benchmarks)
    0 - 100 in 5 seconds
    top speed 248 kmh

    The car is powered by the V10-90-2.4 NA MFI engine, which is mounted in a mid-engine configuration:
    Redline at 11.200 RPM
    303 hp at 9.500 RPM
    258 Nm at 7.000 RPM
    Mechanical fuel injection (which I chose mostly because it looks darn cool.)

    Power curve:


    Longitudinal RWD
    7-speed manual (rare for a car)
    Electric LSD

    Tyres and wheels:
    Radial tyre type
    Sports compound
    Front P225/50R16 97W
    Rear P295/40R16 103W
    Rims are made of Alloy

    Front vented disc 2 pistons 270mm
    Rear vented disc 2 pistons 220mm

    Electric Variable power steering
    ABS (TC or ESC where not an option for this car)

    Pushrod front and rear
    Active sport springs
    Semi-active dampers
    Passive swaybars

    1236 kg
    42% front 58% rear
    2 doors 2 seats
    Wheelbase / Length: 2,47m / 4,30m
    Aluminium Semi space frame
    Fibreglass panels

    Tips and reviews are highly appreciated
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