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Experimental Lhage Lion RSTP 1.5

In top 3 fastest automation vehicles

  1. LhageGT
    This is the faster electric automation car that you will ever see...
    But it's in the top 3 fastest automation cars...
    I worked very hard on this looking at other creations to see how can I manage to get this speed but I did it BeamNG2019-02-0115-35-24-14.jpg

    Turn off the ESC it's kinda weird after 400 km/h.
    Guys, you can help me if you want I don't mind.
    I'm still trying to figure out how to make the wheels
    uncouple from the brakes after 2453 KM/H or 1524 MPH...
    I recommend you to shift by your own in manual mode (shift under 3500 rpm) or just put it into the sports transmission mode...Don't forget to rate and reply...
    I can thank this to
    Neilogical, SpeirsTheAmazingHD
    ,Bshar Nasri and their community...
    HighresScreenshot00122.png HighresScreenshot00123.png HighresScreenshot00124.png HighresScreenshot00125.png HighresScreenshot00126.png HighresScreenshot00127.png HighresScreenshot00128.png HighresScreenshot00129.png HighresScreenshot00131.png HighresScreenshot00132.png HighresScreenshot00133.png HighresScreenshot00134.png HighresScreenshot00135.png HighresScreenshot00136.png HighresScreenshot00130.png


    1. HighresScreenshot00121.png

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