Beta Light Runner Extended 6 Tracks BeamNG.mania 0.5

Part of BeamNG.mania.

  1. libdil
    6 tracks on the Glow City map part of BeamNG.mania.
    The tracks are minimalistic and focus on amazing performance even on weaker hardware.

    Also available:
    BeamNG.mania RRS1 = Monza Autodromo
    BeamNG.mania RRS2 = Le Mans
    BeamNG.mania RRS3 = Suzuka Circuit
    BeamNG.mania RRS4 = Hungaroring
    BeamNG.mania DEC = Driver Experience Center Series
    BeamNG.mania HC = Hill Climb Series

    How to access:

    Play/Time Trial/Select Map/Glow City/Select Layout/BeamNG.mania LR1 to BeamNG.mania LR6

    How to play in Freeroam:
    Finish one run in Time Trial then click Freeroam in the results screen.
    BeamNGmaniaLR1.jpg BeamNGmaniaLR2.jpg BeamNGmaniaLR3.jpg BeamNGmaniaLR4.jpg BeamNGmaniaLR5.jpg BeamNGmaniaLR6.jpg
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