Lime Rock Park 2.01

A 100% BeamNG made version of this awsome real world race track located in Connecticut.

  1. hotfix (Drift Course quickplay)

    hotfix (Drift Course quickplay)
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  2. New Layouts! And much more.

    It’s been a while but I haven't been idle. Here’s the culmination of a ton of work.
    • Added 4 quick play versions; standard layout, chicanes, drift and mountain courses. These races replace the single player race scenarios from my last update.
    • I finally built the fictional Mountain Course, which starts and the end of the Main Straightaway and ends just before the Esses. This course lengthens the track considerably in combination with the rest of the track. The...
  3. Race Update and a small patch.

    Just a quick first week update.

    I added in two races; one solo with 5 timed laps and another using ryakra's scenario and script from his Hirochi Super Race add-on, which includes 3 AI cars to race against and 3 laps. The AI is slow around corners, but the player has a heavy handicap to make it interesting. This is a concept addon, but it shows how beamNG is capable as a racing sim.

    I sorted out some bugs, like the invisible walls. Also added some tire stacks here and there. Added in a...
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