LMP1 thing 1.0

A blue LMP1, 1.6k horsepower machine that apparently goes 300 MPH.

  1. jeff the bobder
    I made this in Automation, took an hour. Looks beautiful IMO, based off a Toyota LMP1 car from 2018 - 2019. It has 1,596hp and is a ~7L V12 direct injection dual turbocharged beast. Ride height is so high I can't believe it but it's what you have to deal with, I *cannot* make it lower. Wang Gang is also going to be pleased with the HUGE wing at the rear, and good lips at the front. Uses Fourteen52 rally wheels with semi slicks. Now, install procedures: Take the .zip file, place it into: This Computer/My Documents/ BeamNG.drive/mods, and then you're done. If you can't load it, you're either running a cracked BeamNG and I hate you or something went wrong during download. Also fun fact I discovered: If you have good enough throttle control and handling during corners, you can actually drift this for a solid 3 seconds. I did this accidentally on the West Coast USA Short Circuit in Time Trials at the menu page.



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