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"LookAhead" Interior Camera 1.8

Never drive into your blind spot anymore

  1. Added new cam called "driveAhead"

    Added new cam called "driveAhead"
  2. Automation update

    With this update the camera also works with the automation cars.
  3. Speed dependent

    I adjusted the lookahead sensitivity in dependent to the speed of the car. Thanks @lord_of_the_wolves for the suggestion.
    I created with this graph visualiser a graph:
    On the y-axis is the sensitivity and on the x-axis is the car speed in kmh.
  4. Small Maintenance

    fixes unintentional setting of global variables
  5. Small Bugfix

    The camera now resets properly ;)
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  6. Customisation

    Added a UI-App for settings
    Added a "lean out of the window" functionality
    Added moving camera with the mouse for fine tuning
    Improved Gamepad and Keyboard steering

  7. Compatibility Update

    It now works in the version 0.10 of the game :)
  8. Bugfix

    It fixes the bug which misplaced the camera
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  9. Adjustable Sensitivity

    You can now change the sensitivity of the camera by using in the gameplay options the "transition time" slider at the camera settings.
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