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Outdated LS1 V8 sound for the D-Series !!! 1.4


  1. Supercharger sounds a lot better.

    Piston Master
    Things that have been done to this update:
    1) The supercharger sounds a lot more stable
    2) It doesn't sound so ''weird'' as it did at the last update. For example at the last update you could hear and understand where and when the supercharger started and stopped. Now it's more difficult to notice!
    3) The supercharger sounds more natural.
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  2. -Added a supercharger for the supercharged version of D-Series

    Piston Master
    I added a supercharger for the supercharged version of D-series!
  3. A lot better LS1 sound for the D-Series!

    Piston Master
    -Changed the sound completely
    -Better tune of the s.beam
  4. -Lowered the volume so it sounds better.

    Piston Master
    I lowered the volume of the mod to make it sound better!
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