Beta Lucas Oil Speedway 1.2.1

The off-road short course in Wheatland, MO

  1. Fixin some texture issues

    Whoopsies abound! I neglected to change some file paths, which caused texture issues. This update should clear those up
  2. Complete rebuild

    This update is a complete rebuild of the terrain. This was done in order to increase the resolution of the painting and to more accurately portray the variations in the bumpiness of the terrain.

    Of course, this means you will want to delete the "lucasoilsw" file in the 0.24/levels/ directory in order to avoid any conflicts.

    • Completely new terrain file
      • Resolution was increased more than 8x
    • More accurate terrain painting
      • This includes...
  3. More details

    In this update, I added a ton more detail thanks to tracking down a much better aerial shot of the area.

    This includes buildings, other objects, trails, and vegetation!
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