Alpha LucasOil Trophy Truck Track (LiDAR Edition) 1.2.3

The trophy truck track at the Utah Motorsports Campus

  1. Subtlety is key

    Changed the racing line to a much more subtle texture that blends with the terrain better
  2. Finally some textures on the barriers

    Hello everyone, the update today includes more fine tuning of the groundmodel as well as finally clearing up the barrier color.

    No more orange! instead, we get some nice concrete.

    The change I made to the groundmodel was to reintroduce the depth variable because the surface was too slippery. this slowed down the AI by an insignificant amount, but they are just as fast as you on the straights.
  3. AI now likes to go fast

    After a lot of digging around through settings for the roads and terrain, I discovered which variable cause AI to drive really slowly. It was the "defaultDepth" variable in the groundmodel. I shifted that bad boy to 0, and now the AI drives full speed on the straights. The cornering is still really slow though.
  4. Added some much needed decoration

    Finally got around to making the place look nice. On top of decoration, I fixed the issue with the stretchy road and updated the terrain a bit.
  5. Discovered some new track sections

    While goofing off in the inner area of the track, I discovered a new track that is probably meant for MX or something small. I also worked the terrain a bit more and fine-tuned the painting a bit.

    I also remembered to merge the cache this time.
  6. Tiny fixes

    I fine-tuned some of the terrain roughness around the barriers, repainted a lot of the sections of non-mud that infiltrated the track, and redid a bit around the garages.
  7. Missing texture oopsies

    I forgot to copy the updated terrain materials from the cached folder. This will fix the missing texture issue.
  8. Updates to groundmodel

    I created a custom groundmodel that uses different particulates and is closer to the dirt model than the mud model.

    I tested the new model with the lowest end of every vehicle I had downloaded and were in the base game. Every official vehicle within reason can now complete multiple laps with no overheating.

    Otherwise, I smoothed out the outer terrain in preparation for putting in stands.
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