LWB Grand Marshal + Gavril V12 (NA + QuadTurbo) 1.1.2

Luxuriate yourself

  1. moderation: fix

    car_killer: fixed zip issue
  2. 0.21.2 Fix

    Fixed broken taillights and missing rear glass on some configs

  3. Fix

    Fixed for game update
  4. Quad Turbo for the V12

    The final addition to this mod: the Quad Turbo version of the V12

    - Fully custom engine model (save for the block)
    - Reorganized engine bay
    - Dual intake for the NA version
    - Quad Turbo config
    - Special Drift V12 Turbo Config

    - Fixed missing center brake light
    - Replaced radiator with HD Drag radiator in V12 config

  5. Bugfixes and V12

    In this update:

    • The LWB, which is 6in longer than the SWB, now weighs 200lbs more, as it should. The weight is realistically distributed between the frame, the body (doors and glass) and the rear running gear.
    • The LWB configs now include Heavy Duty shocks and springs to make up for the extra weight.
    • Fixed some interior geometry on the C pillars
    • Config information now has actual weight information
    • Revised rear doors shading
    WhatsAppImage2020-04-17at2257051.jpeg ...
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