Mad Max Inspired V8 1.0

V8 for Barstow inspired by the film "Mad Max"

  1. Fearless247
    This is an engine inspired from the film "Mad Max," if you haven't seen it, the cars are very original and they sound amazing. I made this engine specifically for the sound, and I think it is dead on to a car from the movie. I used Automation once again for the sound. The engine has two versions, one with thick black smoke coming from the exhaust (fits the idea from the movie), but in the case you despise smoke, I have included a version with the normal amount of smoke that every other engine in the game has, it is marked with a "NS" so you can tell the difference. I recommend using the stage 4 super charger as it adds to the idea. The engines torque curve will be included.

    (a pic from the movie to show my inspiration)

    Hey, I make mods for Beamng in my spare time, if you like my work, feel free to buy me a coffee lol. Nah for real, I don't do this for money just have this in-case y'all feeling generous. Peace.


    1. BeamNGdrivex64_EEfBD3bpwu.png
    2. AutomationGame-Win64-Shipping_gk1v5ZqnPa.png
    3. AutomationGame-Win64-Shipping_LgkSByFEUh.png

Recent Reviews

  1. RageShade1
    Version: 1.0
    Great mod,Can the moonhawk get some love? i like the barstow but the interior is ugly as can be compared to the moonhawk, That thing needs better sounding engines lol.
    1. Fearless247
      Author's Response
      I have made a 305 V8 for the Moonhawk, and soon I will be releasing a 454 V8 for the Moonhawk as well as the Barstow and pickup. And glad you like it.
  2. Holographicaly
    Version: 1.0
    Yet another great engine mod, how about a chevy 454 for the pickup? just a idea
    1. Fearless247
      Author's Response
      I will be releasing a 454 V8 for the pickup, Moonhawk, and Barstow ASAP. also thanks and glad you like it.
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