Magnum GT 1.0

The absolute finest, the best and the car that just shows you have good taste

  1. PlayKoyote24
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    The Magnum GT has multiple variants:

    For 135000€. you get the GT320. It has a 3,2l straight six engine, premium/luxurious interior, comfortable and still somwewhat sporty suspension. It can be spotted by the white rear light housings and it has no aero pieces.

    For 160000€, you get the GT480. It has a 4,8l V8 engine, luxurious and mostly handmade interior, a slightly better ride and dark rear light housings. The biggest difference is the bigger engine tough...

    For 230000€ you get the aero sport or the V12

    The aero sport has an ultra lightweight, handmade interior made out of mostly carbon fiber and then covered up with leather or fabric. It has an active sport suspension, is stiffer, ahs a tuned 4,8l V8 making over 600hp, a dualclutch gearbox and sophisticated aerodynamics, that lead to the car handling really, really good on track and is certainly one oif the best handling cars in the repository. Total.

    The V12 has a soft, active comfort suspension, handmade luxurios interior and a really really smooth V12 engine. Just set your cruise control to 120, 150 or 180kph and listen to the silence of gliding down the highway, autobahn or whatever road you'll drive. Enjoy luxury, smoothness and quality.

Recent Reviews

  1. G-Farce
    Version: 1.0
    Love all your designs. Nice lexus!
    1. PlayKoyote24
      Author's Response
      It isn't supposed to resamble a Lexus at all, but thanks ^^
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