Malpensa Alpi 1.0

Malpensas first SUV, based on the Allegro

  1. PlayKoyote24
    NOTE: If you want to try offroading, the Sport mode is your friend as it allows for some slipping and some wheelspin. Also, this is an SUV not a 4X4
    The 2021 Malpensa Alpi is based on the new, facelifted Allegro (maybe that one will follow) but it build higher, has AWD, is more expensive and well... it's an SUV (or as Malpensa calls it: ASV, Activity-Sports-Vehicel).
    It drives actually quite well and is a bit offroad capable, although it doesn't have manual locking diffs or sth like that so it is limited.
    But is really strong chassis wise and really really safe when crashing, even at high speeds.
    And because this is a Malpensa, it had to look as sleek and elegant as possible, not massive and tough like many other SUVs.

    The current base model is the 2.8, that uses the 2.8l Boxer4 from the Allegro, but with different cam profile nand different ECU Software to have more torque and earlier in the rev range, it makes a bit less hp, but still around 220. It weighs nearly 2 tonnes though.
    screenshot_2021-01-10_14-23-08.png screenshot_2021-01-10_14-23-16.png

    The version with more power is the BiTurbo, with the same 2.8 Biturbo Boxer4 as the Allegro, but it makes a lot more torque and has different turbos because of that, whilest having about the same hp with 306. Because of the torque, the strong chassis and the control the awd gives you, it is quite good at towing. I as the creator give it a rating to tow up to 2500kg up to 145kph and 3200kg up to 100kph.
    screenshot_2021-01-01_14-22-42.png screenshot_2021-01-01_14-22-57.png screenshot_2021-01-01_14-27-46.png screenshot_2021-01-10_17-02-30.png screenshot_2021-01-10_14-25-06.png screenshot_2021-01-10_14-24-57.png screenshot_2021-01-10_17-02-54.png

    The RSX variant of the Alpi isn't based on the Allegros modified BiTurbo engine but straight up uses a variant of the "BIG6" engine, the BIG6X. It is based on the 6l Boxer6 engine from the Smeralda Supercar, but smaller. Unlike the 4.2l in the Allegro 4.2 4x4, this version has 4.8l and makes more torque (but just a bit more than the BiTurbo, so the BiTurbo makes a lot more sense), because the Car weighs 2.1t and is a tall SUV. It produces 500hp, has a different power Split, different diffs, sits lower and is way too fast for a 2t SUV. Also, it is quite pointless.

    screenshot_2021-01-10_17-28-33.png screenshot_2021-01-10_17-28-16.png


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