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Malpensa Smeralda 6.0 0.75

Malpensas beautiful, high performance driving machine.

  1. PlayKoyote24
    The Malpensa Smeralda is an rwd, manual-shifted, un-assisted driving machine, with a 6.0l N/A Boxer 6 engine, mounted in the middle. It makes a whopping 740hp and pushes the really light car in just over 3 seconds to 100kph. It tops out at 370kph.
    HiResPhoto1.png HiResPhoto2.png HiResPhoto3.png HiResPhoto4.png HiResPhoto5.png screenshot_2019-08-26_10-45-02.png screenshot_2019-08-26_10-45-13.png screenshot_2019-08-26_10-45-21.png screenshot_2019-08-26_10-45-31.png screenshot_2019-08-26_10-45-43.png
    It is named after the Costa Smeralda on Sardigna, and is nearly as beautiful^^
    It features a light-weight spaceframe and carbon fiber body with very little paint in order to save on weight.

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