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Marziale Imperatore 1.3

The Italian super car that was to good to be true... With amazing sound!

  1. PlayKoyote24
    Marziale, an old brand from the 50s, re-founded in 1990, was a very small italian sportscar manufacturer/designer.
    that devolped the Imperatore:
    6.2L V8
    720NM torque
    and 345kph topspeed /airspeed, 330 with the beamNG tachometer)
    AWD and 5-speed manual sports-transmision.
    AND: Popup headlights (that don't work but are supposed to be the high beams whilst the normal headlights should be the lowbeams. But you can't build like that)
    AND: (V1.2!): with side streaks like the ferrari Testarossa
    in 1993 the car was finished and ready to be delivered; car journalist were impressed after test drives, potential buyers also, but just after building the first ordereed car, Marziale was bankrupt. So only 11 prototype and show cars exist and one unfinished order.
    update: (1.3) the lost number 13 was found. It is the prototype of a more track focused and more powerful version with turbos
    screenshot_2019-04-01_17-26-35.png screenshot_2019-04-01_17-26-45.png screenshot_2019-04-01_17-26-58.png

    screenshot_2019-01-27_20-57-46.png screenshot_2019-01-27_20-58-05.png screenshot_2019-01-27_21-02-20.png screenshot_2019-01-27_21-04-54.png screenshot_2019-01-27_21-06-47.png
    Please rate the car

    Inspiration from Qvale Mangusta, Cizeta V16t, Ferrari and Lamborghini as well as the Isdera Errator & Imperator.

Recent Reviews

  1. RB1:1
    Version: 1.3
  2. workyclock
    Version: 1.2.1
    Cool car! I love the design, It looks perfect. The car also has one badass sound. If there's one thing I'd suggest changing, it'd be the AWD power distribution. I think it has a bit too much power going to the front wheels. It understeers a lot when going 55+ mph. Other than that, this car is just perfect! Great job! :D
    1. PlayKoyote24
      Author's Response
      Well, the Power distribution is very close to the weight distribution so about 35-40% go to the Front wheels. I can definitely see your point but personally prefer the understeer to an oversteery handling
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