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Marziale Imperatore 1.3

The Italian super car that was to good to be true... With amazing sound!

  1. RB1:1
    Version: 1.3
  2. workyclock
    Version: 1.2.1
    Cool car! I love the design, It looks perfect. The car also has one badass sound. If there's one thing I'd suggest changing, it'd be the AWD power distribution. I think it has a bit too much power going to the front wheels. It understeers a lot when going 55+ mph. Other than that, this car is just perfect! Great job! :D
    1. PlayKoyote24
      Author's Response
      Well, the Power distribution is very close to the weight distribution so about 35-40% go to the Front wheels. I can definitely see your point but personally prefer the understeer to an oversteery handling
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