Beta Maseukowice train station 0.3

First ever railroad yard in BeamNG!

  1. Masuo
    Maseukowice train station
    First ever railroad yard in BeamNG with working switches, semaphores and destructible environment!

    - Working railroad switches
    - Working semaphores
    - Cute dwarf semaphores
    - Everything on the station can by controlled from one UI app
    - D e s t r u c t i b l e e n v i r o n m e n t (partially ofc)
    - buffer stops
    - road signs
    - platforms
    - semaphores
    - more!​
    - 100% Polish (Eastern-European) style
    - Realistic track layout
    - Currently about 9 km of the tracks outside the station, this number will increase
    - A lot of roads and buildings around the station

    How to play:
    1. Install the mod
    2. Enter the map
    3. Press <TAB> until you switch to "Maseukowice dynamic environment" vehicle. Your view should look like this when you do.

    4. Press <ESC> and Navigate to the UI Apps editor, then click the pencil icon to edit UI Apps

    5. Press the + icon to add a new UI App

    6. Scroll down until you find "Maseukowice station dispatcher" app, then click it.

    7. Move the app to the center and click the green check button to apply changes

    8. Now you can control all the switches and semaphores from this panel. It will only show when your current vehicle is "Maseukowice dynamic environment". You can switch switches using your left mouse button and when your route is ready, just click on the semaphore to automatically change the signal. If you want to turn it back to red, select the "Clear routes" mode and click on the semaphore.

    9. Have fun!

    Need any further help?
    Polish railway signalling:
    Trains in BeamNG basics (by BNGF):
    If you have encountered any problems with my map, please dm me first instead of giving bad opinions. I'll try to help! :>

    To do:
    - More tracks!
    - More buildings, farmlands, roads, etc.
    - Optimization
    - PBR terrains

    Known issues:
    - Bridge area is really laggy for some reason
    - Some trees are red
    - Sometimes switches and buffer stops are red (try restarting the game)
    - SBL (Automatic block signaling) doesn't work yet

    Mod by masuo.
    Bridge mesh based on Szakal's work.
    Semaphores meshes originally made by Pitek.
    Registration plates by waboll.

    All external resources have been used with the knowledge and consent of their authors.

    Track textures and meshes are based on the standard BeamNG tracks, I took them from Las Colinilas de Vapor map, which is free to modify.

    The passenger cars and tankers shown in the screenshots are unfortunately not available for download. However, as soon as I have some free time and will, I'm going to remake passenger cars with better physics and non-licensed meshes and release them.

    Support me:
    (type "maseukowice" in your message so i can mention you here as a supporter)
    Big thanks to BNG-FUN ($44), zagdima ($18) & Lucas Wattier ($15) for supporting!
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Recent Reviews

  1. DominkG
    Version: 0.3
    Best map for trains. Im giving 5 stars
  2. Aibao
    Version: 0.3
    I love this soo much
    and soo much effort u used
  3. Leon_Rot
    Version: 0.3
    For sure my new favorite map, i love these europe style maps and this one is the most detailed one! Is there anyway we could see villages or towns later on? This would make the map even better :D
  4. rodmunch99
    Version: 0.3
    This is just a brilliant and very clever map. I have already spent many hours playing it.
  5. Kasey1776
    Version: 0.2b
    It's defenitely amazing, my only issue is I can't regenrate the signals.
    1. Masuo
      Author's Response
  6. AleVilla31
    Version: 0.2b
    best train map, but Where did you find those passenger cars
    1. Masuo
      Author's Response
      unfortunately I don't have permission to upload them, but i'm planning to make my own passenger cars like these with better physics and publish them
  7. Phen1ck
    Version: 0.2b
    amazing map
  8. terros
    Version: 0.2b
    this is a cool looking map, however, after working out how to get the UI, i still cant work out witch point is witch, i kinda get how the signals work now but when i switch through points i dont know which number relates to witch points on the board. i may just be being dumb. it world be good in the UI though to show the the actual points move so the orange line world point where you want it to point. but ye other then that i think its a really cool looking map
    1. Masuo
      Author's Response
      thanks for your feedback^^ i think I'll just add little signs next to each point with its number just like in real life and the same number will be shown in the UI app
  9. Madkirk74
    Version: 0.2b
    it's a great map, but the images dont appear in the repository.
  10. Peterkragger_PL
    Version: 0.2b
    Where can I find a mod for these passenger cars shown on thumbnails?
    1. Masuo
      Author's Response
      it's not available for download. read the description plz ;_;
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