Beta Maseukowice train station 0.3

First ever railroad yard in BeamNG!

  1. New roads, better environment, bugfixes



    +Each switch now has a box with its ID next to it
    +Switch IDs are now also displayed in the UI app
    +New roads, more trees, more farmlands
    +Semaphores now automatically go back to the S1/Ms1 signal when the train passes them
    *Improved signage of speed limits at the bridge
    *Fixed some "no material" issues
    *Better mesh and collisions at platforms' ends
    *Fixed levitating trees

    Big thanks to TheWater1234 for finding most of the bugs...
  2. Locomotives spawning & bugfixes

    +Now it is possible to spawn locomotives using the dispatcher's app
    +Mod's version is now displayed in dispatcher's app
    *Dispatcher's app will be automatically hidden if lua / javascript crashes
    *Fixed crashing while loading issue by removing TЭM2 mod dependency
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