Matador Etara Targa 72' 1.1

Its the 70s and Supercars are hipp. Thats when Matador started off with their first car

  1. Inn0centJok3r
    Elegant, quick, capable.
    These 3 words describe the Etara
    Its the 70s and Supercars are rising up. This is Matadors first take on it.
    Many hours were spent to engineer one of the best driving Supercars of its time. Eqipped with a locking rear differential, It completes the ron to 100kmh quite quickly. This elegant creature can handle corners niceley.
    Just dont be an idiot with the throttle! Ahh the good old days of Supercars without any assists. they were deathmachines...but at least you died in style. Always gotta see the positive side of things!

    HighresScreenshot00197.png HighresScreenshot00198.png HighresScreenshot00199.png
    Performance stats
    362 Horsepower at 6500rpm
    0-100km/h in 4.86 seconds
    Top Speed of 259km/h
    Redline at 7300rpm
    Weight of 1320kg
    HighresScreenshot00507.png HighresScreenshot001942.png
    elegance in a new form
    Now to the

    Quirks and features
    A 4.4 liter V8 engine
    A Mid-engine RWD layout

    Flat plane Crankshaft
    Grippy tires
    A locking rear differential
    Aero bits

    Double Wishbone (F+R)
    5 Gear Manual Gearbox

    No assists

    HighresScreenshot00195.png HighresScreenshot00196.png HighresScreenshot00508.png

    I hope you are pleasured by driving my exquisite Supercar.

    Please leave a rating if you enjoy this elegant creature

    The brand will thank you


    1. HighresScreenshot00509.png

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  1. PriusRepellent
    Version: 1.1
    Handles well. I suspect the person below me is not good at counter-steering, which you need to be able to do to handle this kind of car.
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