MATE Inc. Moving Livery 1.0

Parody to XFCE Logistics.

  1. justaguy
    So...Here I am. With another pack of liveries.

    The MATE moving company started in 1950 as a, well, moving company.
    In 1997 their website was created: Mate.uwu (not an actual website) The website is one of their main income because people looking for mating sites search mate.uwu... It makes 50% of the MATE's revenue through the ads on their site seen by visitors.

    This pack has TWO SKINS for the H-Series with Heavy upfit and for the Dryvan. The livery is found under Paint Design (Ctrl+W)

    And here are 2 pictures:

    Note that this is a parody to the XFCE Logistics liveries i made.


Recent Reviews

  1. MaX1TeK
    Version: 1.0
    Quite good for me but the logo is glitch a bit
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