Matt's Custom Builds 1.0

A pack of fun (and finely tuned) configs I made

  1. Matt_890s
    This is my first mod.

    A lot of the configs use parts from the CJD Special Tunes mod, so make sure to download that first. Sorry...

    The pack currently includes 11 custom configurations I made and tuned. Right now, most of these cars are drift/street/track machines, though I do plan on adding many more configs of different types, in a later update. Most of these configs also feature rather interesting descriptions and performance stats.

    Note: all the captions shown here are different from the actual config description you'll see in-game.

    The Chameleon
    A Formula Drift inspired monster with loads of power and grip. This thing does not like to go in a straight line, so go easy on the throttle!

    Drift School
    A modified Type-LS with upgraded suspension and cooling. Not the most powerful thing in the world, but the engine has a very flat torque curve, so it should be pretty controllable for beginners (like me lol).

    Tin Can

    With its SOHC 1.5l inline-4, it's mechanically outdated. And it's a rustbucket. But at least it drives reliably.

    Inspired by tuner Civics from the underground street racing scene in 1990s Japan, this Covet comes with a tuned engine that revs to 8000rpm.

    Street Drift

    Now you can drift around Belasco City in a somewhat legal fashion……for a decent while, at least.

    Trackday Custom

    A zippy blue boi with Turbo Rabbit fender flares and carbon-fiber parts. Totally not based on an Impreza WRX.

    Purple Monster

    This car is capable of running sub-10-second times in drag races. Oh, and it pops wheelies too, so that's a bonus.

    Silver Bullet

    A 600+hp behemoth that doesn't even use forced induction, surprisingly. Under the hands of a good driver, the Silver Bullet has the potential to complete the quarter mile faster than a Kingsnake or an Elite Custom Moonhawk.


    Discovered rotting away in a junkyard, this Barstow has been brought back to life with a new parts and a repaint. The license plate is……well, interesting.

    5th Anniversary Edition

    A limited-edition Bolide made by Civetta to celebrate 5 years of GTT greatness.


    A shiny green bouncy thing with a soft top, based off the crawler buggies used in Ultra4.

    Plans for future updates (doable)
    • More variety, for example more offroad builds; I can also make more adventurous and funny configs.
    • More complete performance numbers: not sure how acceleration and top speed are measured in the game, so I left those stats out for now.
    Other plans (doable, but probably not anytime soon)
    • Custom skins (need to learn that)
    • Completely custom parts -- my Blender modelling skills are beyond atrocious, and I have no clue how to jbeam stuff and do coding...but I'll try to learn when I have enough time to do so. Once I become good enough at modding, who knows, maybe one day this mod won't be dependent on CJD anymore.
    Credits: @thatguy47 for letting me use his mod, and the BeamNG devs for creating such an awesome game.

    Final Notes
    1. Now, I get that some people won't count this as a proper mod, but please don't give a 1-star review saying something like "I can literally make this myself" because that's not helpful and nobody wants that. Honest, constructive feedback is more than welcome, overly aggressive reviews are not.
    2. Again, just for the sake of emphasis, you do need CJD Special Tunes for most of these configurations to work the way they should! If this causes some inconvenience for you, sorry about that, not sure what else to say.
    3. I'm a student. This means that most of my time is spent on school stuff. This also means I usually don't have much time updating or making new builds for this pack. But I'll try.
    4. And most importantly, enjoy!
    To anyone who's checking out my mod or downloading it, thank you!

Recent Reviews

  1. Yash_gamin144
    Version: 1.0
    great mod!
    1. Matt_890s
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the kind words!
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