1. RyvyLo
    screenshot_00142.png screenshot_00122.png screenshot_00143.png

    Warning : Require patience

    - A small maze
    - A big maze
    - Maths maze ( every intersection got equations that return the distance to the exit, you'll have to calculate them to take the shortest path ! )
    - Tiny Maze ( shorter, and a different geometry )

    At each relaunch of a scenario, the spawn point will be different. So now you can drive through these maze again and again and have a different experience !

    Also if finding the exit is too easy, there's one easter-egg per maze. Let the hunt begin !

    Here's a map for the big maze, but each scenario launch will have a different spawn point, good luck to find where it is !

    They are more mazes planned, I just have a slow development process so be patient for them

    I'd love to have as much feedback as possible, it will help me to improve my content and my motivation ( these mazes takes a lot of time to create )

    Credits :
    - As usual, the BeamNG's dev team for their awesome game and mod support
    - @Scepheo for his help on the lua script
    - @mumboking for his advice on anisotropic filtering
    - The software Daedalus, helped me quite a lot while creating the mazes

Recent Updates

  1. Small fix
  2. 0.7.0 compatibility update
  3. Tiny Maze

Recent Reviews

  1. Brickturn
    Version: 1.2.2
    Error 404: Exit to maze not found.
    Version: 1.2.2
    nice 1 m8
  3. Sirocc
    Version: 1.2.2
    the math maze is gr8 :))
  4. Leszter
    Version: 1.2.2
    Mindig nézz hátra, hátha ott a cél! :D A kicsi nagyon jó, a számolós is, de a nagy.... 30 perc alatt sem sikerült :/ Jó lenne egy erősebb autó, hogy legalább keréknyommal meg lehessen jelölni merről jött a polgár'
  5. NothingToDo
    Version: 1.2.1
    Love the caption
  6. DylanD
    Version: 1.2.1
    First time i spawned, all i had to do was go backwards. xD
  7. Sunset Drive
    Sunset Drive
    Version: 1.2.1
    I found a DICKBUTT
    Wait, is that copyrighted?
  8. CarCrusher193
    Version: 1.2.0
    my time is 3:45.05 and found the Easter egg that i will not name to keep the surprise. it would be beter if you set the car to random but other than that Excellent.
  9. firmiin
    Version: 1.1.0
    Dickbutt + finished in 1h07 minutes, god... Great map !
  10. Epic05
    Version: 1.1.0
    this mod is fantastic but I could easily zoom the camera out and find the end so a roof would be cool. an extra scenario in the dark so you have to use the trucks headlights would be interesting.
    1. RyvyLo
      Author's Response
      Thanks !
      Putting a roof would be useless, people could zoom the camera through the roof anyway. And furthermore, it allows everyone to have a challenge how they wish,some people might prefer doing an aerial survey before and remember their way to the exit or other persons prefer to drive at random.
      And the scenario in the dark is already planned :)
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