MBW R600t4 "Rakete" 1.0

High performance special edition of the MBW R-Series

  1. SirLorax

    To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of their R-Series, MBW decided to go all out. The R600t4 has a turbocharged version of the V12 from the R600i as well as AWD, improved aerodynamics, and various further improvements to turn their coupe into a supercar.

    No matter if you're on the Autobahn, the Nürburgring, or a curvy backroad. The Rakete will get you to your destination. Quickly.

    Engine: V12M85 B60T
    5999cc V12
    Turbo Charger Multi Point EFI
    Power output: 972.5 hp @ 7300 RPM
    999.7 Nm @6500 RPM
    Gearbox: 4 Gear Adv. Automatik
    AWD with Geared LSD
    Weight: 1844 kg (57% Front / 43% Rear)
    Top Speed: 315.6 km/h
    0-100 km/h: 3.6 s
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