Mega Ramp V1.11

GTA 5 Style Mega Ramp

  1. Spencer Johnson
    MEGA RAMP V1.1 Expansion Update

    This is a map I made in 5 hours and I think it's pretty cool. It is based on the GTA 5 Mega Ramp made out of Half Pipes but in BeamNG!

    1.1 Update Changelog
    • Added Groundplane
    • Added 3 New Ramps
    • Added Better Fog Blend
    • Added Target Pond
    • Fixed Most Tire Pops
    • Added More Trees


    MegaRampDefault_Preview.jpg MegaRampThumbnail1_Preview.jpg MegaRampThumbnail2_Preview.jpg MegaRampThumbnail4_Preview.jpg MegaRampThumbnail5_Preview.jpg MegaRampThumbnail6_Preview.jpg MegaRampThumbnail7_Preview.jpg MegaRampThumbnail8_Preview.jpg

    • 6 Unique Mega Ramps
    • PBR Textures
    • High-Quality Terrain
    • F O G

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  1. moderation: fix
  2. Expansion Update V1.1
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Recent Reviews

  1. Phil Walt
    Phil Walt
    Version: V1.11
    One of the best maps for (very) high jumping ! Realistic textures, good sensations of speed, beautiful crashs. Thanks !!
  2. SuperMarioRL
    Version: V1.11
    A really cool and fun map to mess around with!
    One thing I noticed, is that driving or crashing
    noises of the cars cause a lot of 'echo' on the map which makes one feel like driving through a tunnel the whole time. Idk whether that was intended tho.
    1. Spencer Johnson
      Author's Response
      Thank you! And yeah I set the audio surrounding in the map to be reverby
  3. trok
    Version: V1.11
    Spencer Johnson back with another banger
    This mod remind me of this one not very well known game, I think it's called GTA 5
    1. Spencer Johnson
      Author's Response
      Huh, I'll have to look into that game, sounds like it could be good!
  4. cannotbechanged
    Version: V1.11
    Giving 5 stars again for this update, ramps are much improved and I love trying to hit the target.

    Side note, the terrain below the jumps is fantastic to drive across, I like spawning at the bottom of the valley and trying to see how fast I can go before flipping. Or I'll start at the top and try to get down somehow. Would be sick to see some roads or small jumps added in the bottom valley section. Overall top quality map either way.
    1. Spencer Johnson
      Author's Response
      Thank you! I may add a few roads to traverse as well in a future update because the terrain is quite fun to off-road on!
  5. G-Farce
    Version: V1.11
  6. NEthing
    Version: V1.01
    This mod is great and suuper fun, but the only reason I give 4 stars is because the stair ones have too much of a drop in between. I need a car with insane travel to even make it half way. Maybe make one that has a smaller gap/drop in between half pipes. Thanks!
  7. doing co
    doing co
    Version: V1.01
  8. Bexcon
    Version: V1.01
    wow relly gta 5)
  9. umustbeloggedintododat
    Version: V1.01
    holy shiz it literally is like a gta 5 mod
  10. Edher Vela
    Edher Vela
    Version: V1.01
    Thank you!!
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