Beta Melmoth Land Liner 1.2

A luxury cruise ship on wheels

  1. Ryo13silvia
    The Melmoth Land Liner.

    A trailer-cum-camper inspired by the luxurious ocean liners and airships that graced the seas and skies in the early 20th century, the 2021 Land Liner is the embodiment of art deco glamour.

    Based on a Randolph trailer, baroque designs and furniture transform the interior into a hotel suite and lobby; from the gold-plated candelabra to the ornate chairs, there is not a single compromise made in the elegant finish. It comfortably houses one couple, plus a driver and catering staff in the sleeper cab.

    Upon entry, you will immediately be greeted by a plaque - donated by M.F.D. for the maiden voyage - and a statue. The breezy hall has its own standing bar and a table for breakfast, generously lit by both natural light from the polycarbonate windows and lights housed within glass domes on the ceiling.

    Beyond the small corridor is a sizeable bedroom, with a writing desk and a queen-size bed. Curtains allow for some privacy, and a painting of East Coast USA hangs on the wall in a yet again golden frame.

    Should you lower the hydraulics-operated staircase from the main hall, you will find yourself on the upper deck, with the open sky and road before you.

    The epitome of prestige, all in a land-borne trailer: the Melmoth Land Liner is the definitive mode of luxury transport on the road.

    This is my submission for the Modding for Dummies trailer challenge.

    Some "real life lore":
    This lunacy was conceived from two pieces of inspiration.

    One, when a TV show aired the movie Titanic one Friday. My friend and I wanted to watch it, but she had aquaphobia - fear of bodies of water, like pools, or the North Atlantic (where... like... 99% of the bloody film is set) - and so she could not watch it with me. This gave me an idea - why not have something like the Titanic on land, so that she could enjoy it too?

    Two, while listening to Iron Maiden's "Empire of the Clouds", the imagery of 1910s - 20s luxury transport fell in place with the Titanic idea. A lot of the ideas - like the upper deck - came from taking walks while listening to this song. Give it a listen, and up the Irons!

    Some stunning screenshots taken by @Shadows

    Known bugs (Known! KNOWN! OKAY?)

    - You can walk around inside the trailer with walking mode, but you can get stuck in certain places (the stairs and railings seem to be the most common perpetrators here).
    > This is due to the snowman's triangles, and as I am not allowed to overwrite vanilla content, there is only so much I can do about this. The current setup mitigates this issue to an extent.

    - When the trailer is moving, you get pushed backwards.
    > This is because BeamNG does not give a fig whether the snowman is inside a trailer or not, it calculates aerodynamic drag regardless. See above for reason why you should not give me one star reviews for this.

    - When the trailer is not selected, the interior lights go through the floor and light the ground too.
    > This is due to BeamNG's rendering cost-cuts; see above.

    - The orbit camera does not zoom out when coupling a semi truck to the trailer.
    > This is due to the trailer's sheer size, which makes BeamNG abandon the zoom out feature (this happens on other mods by reputable modders too). See above.

    - The thumbnails look bad.
    > Most likely sheer size. BeamNG refuses to take thumbnails. See ab- you know the drill.

    - At speed, the chimney's fire becomes visible outside the chimney.
    > If you discover a way to produce smoke from a node without a fire then feel free to enlighten me.


    - The original model and jbeam for the dryvan, textures for the caravan, and a random palm tree in Jungle Rock Island.

    - ambientCG: CC0 (public domain) materials.

    - Modding for Dummies discord server: Providing me with the opportunity to make this mod, and the tons of the help that I received there.

    - @OMAMEGAMES【豆】 and his server: Ideas and testing prior to release.

    - LunaPic Free Online Photo Editor: Painting-style filter for the ECUSA landscape.

    - Myself: Modifying the existing meshes, modelling new ones, writing jbeam, et cetera.


    1. melmoth3.png
    2. melmoth2.png
    3. melmoth1.png
    4. melmoth.png
    5. screenshot_2021-08-27_00-43-18.png
    6. screenshot_2021-08-27_00-43-43.png
    7. screenshot_2021-08-27_00-44-04.png
    8. screenshot_2021-08-27_00-44-20.png
    9. screenshot_2021-08-27_00-45-00.png
    10. screenshot_2021-08-27_00-46-00.png

Recent Reviews

  1. titanic4
    Version: 1.2
    This mod is really nice, the iceberg prop is a nice touch. By the way, it's possible to make the node smoke without having fire attached to it. You can set the flash point to "FLT_MAX" while setting smoke point to value close to 0.
  2. ARES IV
    Version: 1.2
  3. SuperAusten64
    Version: 1.2
    Unfathomably classy
  4. askyour_dad
    Version: 1.2
    Good mod, The Dummies modding challenge is gonna create a ton of trailers.
  5. Aari
    Version: 1.2
    ery nice, great work as always ryo
  6. gscare10
    Version: 1.2
    definitely deserves 5 stars. my only complaint is that the hitch for normal cars is under the front of the trailer so anything tall like the van, hopper, or truck cant pull it.
  7. Modder6543
    Version: 1.2
  8. wangyiming721
    Version: 1.2
  9. OldCarsRule57
    Version: 1.2
    Beautiful! Great job!
  10. carsmin
    Version: 1.2
    Nice! A trailer I thought I didn't need
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