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Beta Meo's 454 LSX 0.14

454 CUI 'Crate LSX' V8

  1. Meo_3000_QC
    If you want to support me, I have a Patreon with early access to new mods and updates :
    Mods are updated when I do something new so you can help me to find possible bugs. There's also mods while they are in development like these :
    screenshot_2020-03-05_20-09-35.png screenshot_2020-05-10_21-11-50.png screenshot_2020-03-05_20-08-47.png

    screenshot_2020-04-03_14-16-06.png screenshot_2020-04-15_16-04-18.png screenshot_2020-03-17_21-15-59.png screenshot_2020-02-12_19-30-27.png screenshot_2020-02-16_23-44-40.png

    Model 5:
    screenshot_2020-05-10_21-10-44.png screenshot_2020-05-10_21-10-53.png

    Pickup parts:
    screenshot_2020-04-30_00-54-49.png screenshot_2020-04-30_00-52-46.png

    screenshot_2020-04-30_00-53-03.png screenshot_2020-04-30_00-54-01.png screenshot_2020-04-30_00-55-24.png screenshot_2020-04-30_00-55-42.png

    *The Patreon stuff should come out about a week or so after it's posted on patreon except those in development*

    W.I.P. Mod :

    Contains only the Barstow while it is still in development (others should come out soon)

    This mod adds a new engine : 454 CUI 'Crate LSX' V8

    It's as close as I could to the real engine

    Aspiration :
    Naturally aspirated:

    screenshot_2020-03-05_20-09-35.png screenshot_2020-05-21_23-14-18.png

    Turbocharged :
    • 3 stages :
      • stage 1 with up to 40 psi
      • stage 2 with up to 100 psi (very powerful)
      • stage 3 with up to 250 psi (ridiculously powerful)
    • Variable wastegate
    • Variable Boost-by-gear
    Single :
    screenshot_2020-05-10_21-11-50.png screenshot_2020-05-21_23-14-48.png

    Twin :
    screenshot_2020-03-05_20-08-47.png screenshot_2020-05-21_23-15-28.png

    This one has exhaust exit settings (Exhaust - Hood Exit - Fender Exit) :

    screenshot_2020-05-24_00-42-11.png screenshot_2020-05-24_00-42-44.png
    screenshot_2020-05-24_00-44-10.png screenshot_2020-05-24_00-44-46.png

    *Both (single and twin) have the same performance. The only difference is the aesthetics*

    The mod is still in development but is already available for :
    - 200 BX
    - Fullsize
    - Moonhawk
    - Pickup
    - Roamer
    - Vivace (with RWD and 2 drag trans)
    - Burnside
    - Bluebuck
    *Only on my Patreon (may contain minor bugs)*


    Take a look at my other mods, pretty sure they'll interest you if you like this one :

    Funny Car engine

    screenshot_2020-01-25_20-44-20.png screenshot_2020-02-14_23-23-55.png

    Drag Parts

    screenshot_2020-02-14_23-25-26.png screenshot_2020-02-14_23-25-43.png

Recent Updates

  1. Update 0.14
  2. Update 0.13
  3. Update 0.12

Recent Reviews

  1. Revv'olution
    Version: 0.14
    Awesome job, best mod ever!!!
  2. 711GAMING
    Version: 0.14
    Best engine mod out there! (p.s the two step is amazing on this motor)
  3. alexandru575
    Version: 0.13
    Great mod so far! Feels a bit unrealistic when fully upgrading it which is why my review is only a 4.
  4. zfarineau
    Version: 0.13
    cool but it would be better if there were a procharger
  5. I_Like_Trophy_Trucks
    Version: 0.13
    Its a great mod and the textures are great, and Its a great engine for the barstow, but it doesn't have that much power and theres a bug that the engine slowly revs up and up till it blows up with the stage 1 and stage 2 turbos. Can you make a thread for reporting bugs?
  6. DeanoElcamino
    Version: 0.13
    I've used this mod for a bit but don't see anything to do with 200bx, 454, radiators, or half the wheels.
    1. Meo_3000_QC
      Author's Response
      The 200bx pictures are visual supports to the links of my other mods
  7. ma_t1
    Version: 0.11
    Extremely nice mod, but of the cars I tested, only the barstow actually worked. Maybe I'm doing something wrong or I don't have a mod that you need for it to work, but it just wouldn't show up
    1. Meo_3000_QC
      Author's Response
      As written the mod description, it's only for the barstow while it's in development
  8. StepInDogPoop
    Version: 0.11
    This is great can't wait for it to be in other cars. Hopefully, you can make even more engines in the future. Keep up the great work.
  9. Crazyjr
    Version: 0.11
    Holy crap this engine rocks, 3700 two step 80 psi on stage two of turbo,stage three on engine build, 7500 redline, otherwise as i picked it 5.945 on the west coast dragstrip. Got a forum thread i'd like to post that screen shot
  10. VolvoS60Polestar
    Version: 0.11
    Haven't personally used it, but it will be cool to have an LSX swapped drift 200BX.
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