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Mercenary F-Klasse 95 1.1

A 90s luxury sedan

  1. cracked_rib99
    HighresScreenshot00004.png HighresScreenshot00010.png
    Inline 6 Engine
    All Aluminium
    2372cc I6
    DOHC 24V (4 valve per cylinder)
    Variable Valve Timing
    275.6 HP @7500RPM
    293.8 nM of Torque @4500RPM
    8.9:1 Compression Ratio
    20.5 MPG Avg
    5 Speed Manual Gearbox
    235 KM/h Top Speed
    Vented Discs both front and rear (2 Piston brakes, front and rear)

    Hope you enjoy!

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