Mini Mania - Demo Derby 1.3.0

Compact/midsize BeamNG.Drive vehicles set up for derby!

  1. Mini Truck Update, midsize car fixes

    Hello All!
    Coming at ya with another update! There were a lot of little fixes included in this new update that I think many will be happy with. Here's what you will find with this new update:

    All previously included vehicles:
    -Adjusted halo strength and nodes. Now feels like a real halo bar!

    Roamer and Pickup
    -Added New Bumper; Chrome and Cage Colored Moonhawk Bumper
    -Adjust front and rear bumper strengths, should no longer experience the flat pointy bumpers!
    -Adjusted Frame strength, deform. Before this was uniform throughout, should now bend similar to how you would see them bend in real life!
    -Added a little more to the bottom end of the 2.3 and 4.3 Engines. Before they seemed sluggish, now they have a little more snap to them!
    -Fans did not appear previously on the 4.3 and 2.3 engines, this is now fixed
    -Adjusted stock body mounts, so you shouldn't experience the bed coming off the pickup nearly as often as previous!

    -Fixed an issue with the cage
    -Added a new bed selection; folded quarters

    -Added a new body selection, folded quarters
    -Fixed the "Half Tailgate" option to have the correct part shown when spawned

    Hatch, Midsize(Pessima), Legran
    -Added core support all thread option
    -Adjusted Front subframe strengths and deform

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