Mini Mania - Demo Derby 1.3.0

Compact/midsize BeamNG.Drive vehicles set up for derby!

  1. Mini Mania - Pickup Hotfix, FWD additional bodies

    New update! This will fix the texture issue resolved from the recent Beam Update to the D-Series Pickup. There were also slight tweaks to the engine for the Roamer and Pickup. Also includes new bodies for the legran and midsize and other fixes which will be detailed below:

    Roamer, Pickup:
    -Added 6 and 10 Gal. gas tanks, now only selection
    -Slight adjustment to the 4.3 and 2.3 engines

    -Updated flex body due to recent BeamNG Update causing texture issue

    Hatch, Legran, Midsize
    -Added 6 Gal. fuel cell and adjust nodes for it. (now default)
    -Added steering assembly to bodies
    -Added mid-section to the cage

    Legran, Midsize:
    -Redid the wedged trunks so they appear better looking
    -Added wedged bodies!
    -Added rear window bar for wedged body/trunk
    -Adjusted deform of differential

    -Found trunks were weakened at some point, fixed this issue
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