Mini Mania - Demo Derby 1.4.0

Compact/midsize BeamNG.Drive vehicles set up for derby!

  1. Legran Update

    Hello All!
    It has been quite a while. There is a lot to cover and I'm sure I missed some so I will just add all the notes down below:

    -Vehicles now have 'Stock' and 'Stuffed' selection dropdowns to differentiate between the different strength of bumpers
    -Bumpers have received many reworks in the last couple of months
    -Received weight adjustments
    -Cradles have been added to all vehicles as well as header protectors!
  2. Mini Mania - Stock Parts and Added Barstow!mini

    It has been some time since I have last updated the mod. With this new update, you will find many new parts that have been added to the previously included vehicle as well as parts added to the Barstow!

    Here is a breakdown of all things included in this update:

    Barstow, Hatch, Legran, Midsize, Roamer, Pickup
    -Added adjustable suspension parts

    Barstow, Hatch, Midsize, Pessima, Roamer, Pickup
    -Added new skin options! Special Thanks to...
  3. Engine Hotfix

    Hello All,
    It was brought to my attention the roamer and pickup were spawning with no engine. That has been fixed with this hotfix.

    Legran race transmission also has been fixed.

    Thank you!
  4. Mini Mania - Pickup Hotfix, FWD additional bodies

    New update! This will fix the texture issue resolved from the recent Beam Update to the D-Series Pickup. There were also slight tweaks to the engine for the Roamer and Pickup. Also includes new bodies for the legran and midsize and other fixes which will be detailed below:

    Roamer, Pickup:
    -Added 6 and 10 Gal. gas tanks, now only selection
    -Slight adjustment to the 4.3 and 2.3 engines

    -Updated flex body due to recent BeamNG Update causing texture issue...
  5. Mini Truck Update, midsize car fixes

    Hello All!
    Coming at ya with another update! There were a lot of little fixes included in this new update that I think many will be happy with. Here's what you will find with this new update:

    All previously included vehicles:
    -Adjusted halo strength and nodes. Now feels like a real halo bar!

    Roamer and Pickup
    -Added New Bumper; Chrome and Cage Colored Moonhawk Bumper
    -Adjust front and rear bumper strengths, should no longer experience the flat pointy bumpers!...
  6. Mini Mania - Mini Truck Addition

    Hello All!
    Coming at you with a new update!

    There have been those running autocross style racing; so I have added welded hoods, trunks, and doors if so desired on certain vehicles. These vehicles include:

    Also new for the derby, is the introduction of the Pickup and Roamer as a sort of "Mini Truck" which includes 2.3 and 4.3 Engine replicas!
    Under each vehicle, you will find a frame selection "MM Stock Frame" and you can...
  7. Updated deform, New Parts

    With this new update, new parts have been added as well as some work in the background.

    The moonhawk bumper has been added to the hatch, midsize and legran in 2 different options; the standard chrome and also can be colored to match the cage! The legran and midsize have also been given a rear window bar, as well as new hood options so you no longer have the big gaping hole if so desired!

    There are also 2 new transmission options available. A one-speed transmission available to all 3...
  8. Mini Mania - Body & Radiator Changes

    In this update, I made the bodies and subframes of the midsize, hatch, and legran stronger. I also strengthened the axles of the midsize to help with axles breaking. Radiators have also been strengthened in this update.
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