Miramar Cabriolet 1.4

Luxy boi ah?

  1. New LHD Interior and texture fixing

    After the game update some textures broke a little , this update fix them and adds a new Left Hand Drive interior with steering wheels (classic and sport)

    (Thanks again to @D-Troxx for helping me with textures of dashboard)

    Report any bugs!
  2. Textures and Modelling performed

    This update is very IMPORTANT
    A lot of modelling and texturing fixes (UV Editing and Wrapping)


    In conclusion
    -Fixed some modelling issues
    -Fixed broken textures with UV Editing
    -New thumbnail/preview image
    Thanks to maty who told me all the problems on the mod :D

    Report bugs on my discord Daxツ#2565
  3. Modelling fixes

    Hi! This might be the last update , fixing more modelling issues than i found

    -Deleted sunvisorts
    -Re-worked the doors a little bit.
  4. Modelling issues fix

    Very soon for an update uh? Thanks to D-Troxx again , he told me how use edge split on blender to fix some small mistakes , this update is just a fix.

    Plans to add into the mod:
    -Track Day config
    -Ricer config

    Please report any bugs or comment your ideas below
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