Miramar Midsize Engine 1.054

V6 and I4 from the 1996 Pessima.

  1. [1.054] Game version v0.22

    • Matched with the current version(v0.22, under Misc): Added deform groups system as well as stock, heavy duty and ultra heavy duty engine mounts
    • Adjusted nodes, now resemble closer to the engine shapes
    • Updated the mod's configuration
  2. [1.053] Updated supercharger, other changes

    • Updated the mod's inline-4 engines to use vanilla exhaust slot
    • Updated the mod's material.cs to materials.json
    • Updated the mod's superchargers
      • Reduced Tuning options to supercharger/engine ratio only, adjustable range is 1.6 - 4.3 :1
      • The supercharger itself now has a fixed turbine/input ratio of 5.63 :1
      • Overall reachable performance is ~23 PSI(~181,000 turbine RPM) @~7,500 RPM
    • Updated the mod's configuration
  3. [1.052] Adjusted the engines' soundConfig for them to sound properly after v0.21

    • Adjusted the engines' soundConfig for them to sound properly after v0.21
  4. [1.0512] Radiator for the Ibishu Miramar 690/710 Coupe mod

  5. [1.0511] Add centrifugal supercharger to the engines, other changes.

    You might need to re-apply parts to your configs that are using parts from this mod before this version.
    • Rework file names and jbeams
    • Add centrifugal superchargers to the engines' intakes (meshes from 200BX)
    • Add Race 6-Speed Manual Transmission
    • Add a new configuration
    • Update display names of all Pessima parts (engines, transmissions, radiators)
    • Remove Midsize Radiator Small
  6. [1.04] Matching Current Audio Stuff

    • Matching current audio stuff inside engine and exhaust files
    • Removed
      • Midsize Flywheels, they're pretty much the same as Miramar's
  7. [1.031] Bug Fix

    • Fixed - fatal error if you shift without clutch using the mod's manual gearboxes, caused probably by mismatched nodes.
  8. [1.03] Fixes

    • Fixed some nodes of the V6's exhaust
    • Added an engine "2.7L V6 Engine Midsize 2" with different 6 cylinder soundconfig
    • The Inline-4s were missing adjustable ECUs, they should be there now :D
  9. [1.02] V6 and more adjustments

    • Added the V6 and its parts of the Second Generation Pessima
    • More adjustments of meshes and jbeam fitting the V6
  10. [1.01] Minor Adjustments

    • Minor adjustments of meshes and jbeam
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