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Beta Miramar Power & Parts - Works again 0.75

Turbo engine, boost gauges, better radiator and a V8 with true dual exhaust + some small stuff

  1. makeman
    Fully compatible with the utterly awesome wagon by narwhal2

    I absolutely love the new Ibishu Miramar but driving around Hirochi Raceway I felt it could use a bit more power so here we are. I highly recommend using a welded or limited slip differential with these engines. Doesn't replace or break any stock parts afaik so just drop it in mods and you're good to go.

    Rally lights replace front grille.
    Boost gauge(s) found under Additional Mods -> Mkm Parts as are the mudflaps
    Suspension menu to find the 5-lug parts and expand the wheel selection considerably
    Turbo boost adjustable from tuning menu

    This mod adds:
    Civetta Steering wheel
    more efficient radiator
    2.4 liter DOHC engine with the option of a turbo
    1.6l turbo engine
    two boost gauges
    5l V8 based on the Moonhawk engine
    a true dual exhaust for the aforementioned V8
    rally lights
    5-lug conversion kit
    drag setup

    v0.75 Some more fixes and the addition of a possibly keyboard unfriendly rally setup featuring a slightly WIP skidplate.

    v0.7 Basically just fixed it to work with current version as it used to when 0.6 was released.

    v0.6 What would it look like if some gearhead took parts from the Covet and 200BX used them to turbocharge the Miramar? Maybe something like this version contains. Drag edition rear springs snap on acceleration? No more! Like the Bolide steering wheel? I do. That's why it's included. Also made a very homemade looking hood scoop for stage 1 supercharger to fit under the bonnet.

    Also included a special .pc file for somewhat wider turbocharged car. Requires the very very nice Widebody Miramar by Bernd to function. Those wide rear arches sure do a good job of containing the 12" wide Civetta Competizione wheels.

    v0.55 Fixed a problem that caused particularly the supercharged V8 to shake violently from side to side under certain conditions. Added three different kinds of rally lights that go in place of the front grille so you can keep the oil cooler. There is a V8 drag setup but the 60s japanese leaf springs can't really handle the strain. Already solved that one and it will be fixed in the next update. ;)

    v0.5 Improved the V8 jbeam a bit. Added tuning options including supercharger. Cut hood for the blower. Made a five lug conversion kit with modified rear drums and pessima front discs. Not all wheels fit perfect but that shouldn't surprise anyone. Boost gauges moved to "Additional Mods -> Mkm Parts" you can also find mudflaps there.

    v0.45 Moonhawk based V8 with custom headers and full dual exhaust. Added a more aftermarket feeling boost gauge as an alternative for the people who don't love the OEM+ spirit of the first version.


    v0.3 Added a somewhat functional boost gauge that spawns with the turbo version. Available under Additional Modification from part selector but somewhat useless for the n/a variants. :)

    v0.2 This mod adds a 2.4 liter DOHC engine with the option of a turbocharger and more efficient radiator. Also contains turboed 1.6l engine and a fully adjustable 6-speed manual transmission which is reinforced to take the power. Both engines feature an adjustable wastegate.


    1. miramar_moarpower.png
    2. v8_donut.png
    3. v02 engines.png
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Recent Reviews

  1. PurePlatinum
    Version: 0.75
    Absolutely love this mod. would be even better if the 2.4L DOHC engine was compatible with N2O
  2. trishandbrent
    Version: 0.75
    Shut chicken you couldn't any better
    oh and CRAZY POWER
  3. xxTROVExx
    Version: 0.75
    NEAT !!!
  4. ApolloSauce
    Version: 0.75
    Finally! Updated, if it isn't too much to ask can we get a proper boost gauge on the A-pillar? Maybe we could even get a full A-pillar gauge set such as boost, RPM, and water temp with a shift light on the boost gauge( doesn't have to be obnoxious just a small light in the bottom right quarter of the gauge where the panel is?
  5. jimmeh2000
    Version: 0.75
    love this type of mod. adds some much needed variety to the game
  6. Prizedcoffeecup
    Version: 0.7
    im so happy this is fixed! the turbo 1.6L is so good it could be a standalone mod! thanks for fixing!
  7. VocalCloth
    Version: 0.7
  8. aesthetic_tea
    Version: 0.7
    Finally, the Miramar gets attention!
  9. nogoodnames
    Version: 0.7
    dude this is sweet can you make more mods like this
  10. CaptainZoll
    Version: 0.7
    darn it, now my 200bx swap is redundant...
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