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Beta Miramar Power & Parts - Works again 0.75

Turbo engine, boost gauges, better radiator and a V8 with true dual exhaust + some small stuff

  1. Little fixes and improvements.

    Fixed 5 lug front suspension spawning with no default wheels
    For 5 lug brakes added slots for brakepads and enabled brake thermals
    Added ability to adjust brake torque for the 5 lug brakes
    Fixed chrome being body color on some custom setups where it wasn't intended
    Updated the vehicle selector info and performance figures for some of the custom setups
    Changed the 2.4 turbo race setup a bit so it might actually be faster than the N/A 2.4
    Made the v8 radtube break off with the engine instead...
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  2. Fixed for current version

    As of the recent update this mod was very broken. I decided to make it compatible with current version. Some (but probably not all) of the problems fixed:
    - engines not working
    - boost gauge needles not existing
    - civetta steeering wheel upside down
    - rally lights falling off
    - floating driveshaft due to suspension changes
    Now it should work as it used to. Drag setup might not be identical to how it was due to supercharger changes in the game.
  3. Fixes and stuff

    Last version (0.55) I fixed V8 engine shaking. Doing that I broke engine getting starved of oil and made some funny collisions. That's fixed now. Also fixed a stupid bug from the V8 exhaust that caused the sides be linked to eachother and deformation appeared funny. Added the Civetta Bolide steering wheel. Made a crude mockup of actual turbocharging using parts of newer Ibishus (200BX and Covet) Fixed the drag version snapping rear springs upon acceleration. Also tweaked the 4-barrel carb...
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  4. Small fixes

    Fixed problem with the supercharged engine shaking around violently under certain conditions. Added a drag setup.
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  5. Mostly mudflaps and 5-lug

    Just a quick update. Added mudflaps as requested. Best used with fender flares. Boostgauges are now under "Additional Mods -> Mkm Parts" as are the mudflaps. Added different tunings for the V8. Improved engine jbeam a bit and slapped on the ridiculous blower. Cut the hood for blower. Made a five lug conversion kit with modified rear drums and pessima front discs. Not all wheels fit nice but still adds many options. The 5-lug race suspension includes stronger driveshaft. The stock one doesn't...
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  6. Now comes with a V8

    WIP V8 from the Bruckell Moonhawk. Modified oilpan, custom headers, true dual exhaust. For turbo lovers: added a boost gauge that doesn't look so OEM. :p Maybe needs some jbeam tweaking but playable as it is.
  7. Ibishu Miramar More Power now with a boost gauge

    Added a somewhat functional boost gauge + a setup with 2.4 turbo engine.
  8. Ibishu Miramar More Power

    Added two custom setups and a better radiator to prevent overheating on long topspeed pulls.
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