Miramar Vintage Rally Cup 1.3b

Master the Miramar through a series of stages

  1. Missing car configuration hotfix

    This hotfix include new custom Miramar rally configurations to replace the default race setup. Changes include, but is not limited to:
    • New paint job! To make it look a bit more vintage.
    • Lifted suspension
    • Improved LSD
    • 205/55R14 rally tires
    • Adjusted brake bias to prevent understeering while braking
    • Stiffer rollcage
    • New "rally" gear ratio
    It performs very well on dirt and forest trails now, but in exchange it's slightly harder to control on the tarmac.

    There's also slight changes to the times in S1, S2 and S3 to reflect the new improved car configuration. Pre-race stage information has been updated accordingly.

    There will be a balance patch on a later date, once I had time to properly adjust the new configurations and goal times. Together with a few other minor fixes.
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