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Miramar Vintage Rally Cup 1.3b

Master the Miramar through a series of stages

  1. Content Patch 1

    This update include various bug fixes and improvements for the East Cost VRC together with an all new campaign.

    East Coast VRC changes
    - Miramar car configuration overhaul
    It now looks and acts as a proper vintage rally car should. Everything has been fine tuned and tested for the best possible experience. The rear suspension will also no longer snap like old twigs. REJOY!

    - Added a few new objects and removed some old ones

    - Adjusted numerous objects to properly align with the terrain

    - Added "time of day" to each stage

    - Slightly increased damage tolerance

    - Adjusted all stage times
    They won't be changed anymore now.. Don't worry.

    - Special Stage now award double points

    - Updated a few thumbnails

    - Changed various descriptions on the different stages

    - Special Stages are now available under scenarios as well

    Utah VRC highlights

    - An all new Miramar VRC campaign across Utah

    - 4 sprint stages and a new special stage

    - Unique car configurations to match the challenges

    - Overall increased difficulty

    - A very hard night-time rally stage

    Additional note: There's a bug where your vehicle may spontaneous catch on fire after driving through water. It's a problem with the game itself, not the mod, so there's not much I can do about. So just roll with it or restart if it happens for you.
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