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Miramar Vintage Rally Cup 1.3b

Master the Miramar through a series of stages

  1. The 'Livery' Update

    Sorry for the much delayed update.. Life got complicated a way back and I honestly forgot all about the mod. But without further ado, let me present the 'livery' update!

    This update include two new custom liveries for the Miramar.. A VRC rally skin to give it a more vintage look and a Redline Racing GTz skin to amplify the feeling of driving a custom tuned car.

    Both liveries can now be experienced throughout the campaigns or used for your own amusement via the garage. Hope you'll enjoy them.

    Additional minor changes.

    - Updated campaign/scenario previews

    - Corrected various pre-stage race information

    - Tweaked car configuration for EC special stage
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