Missouri License Plates 1.6

Plates used in MO

  1. GhostBusterOrson
    69 plate designs

    2018 plate, 2018 handicap plate, 2008 plate, 2008 handicap plate, 1997 plate, 1997 handicap plate, 1975 plate, 1976 plate, 2 Children's Trust Fund plates, 2 Gateway Arch plates, 1956 plate, Botanical Garden plate, 2 STL Zoo plates, retired veteran plate, Kansas City Zoo plate, 3 official vehicle plates, member of congress plate, Kansas City 1911 plate, Kansas City 1912 plate, Kansas City 1913 plate, 1915 plate, 1920 plate, 19532 plate, 1968 plate,1974 plate, 2 historic vehicle plates, 33 temp tags for all civilian vehicles in the game, 1983 plate, 1994 plate, a 1966 plate, and a personalized 2018 plate

    Screenshot2021-05-23100725.png Screenshot2021-05-23100743.png Screenshot2021-05-23100804.png Screenshot2021-05-23100824.png Screenshot2021-05-23100840.png Screenshot2021-05-23100905.png Screenshot2021-05-23101008.png Screenshot2021-05-23101040.png Screenshot2021-05-24163718.png Screenshot2021-08-04125526.png Screenshot2021-08-04125758.png Screenshot2021-08-04130137.png Screenshot2021-08-04130303.png Screenshot2021-08-04130357.png Screenshot2021-08-04141917.png Screenshot2021-08-04141946.png Screenshot2021-08-04142303.png Screenshot2021-08-04142630.png Screenshot2021-08-07145225.png Screenshot2021-08-07145237.png Screenshot2021-08-07145304.png Screenshot2021-08-07145353.png Screenshot2021-08-07145442.png Screenshot2021-08-07145717.png Screenshot2021-08-07145733.png Screenshot2021-08-07150123.png Screenshot2021-08-07150133.png Screenshot2021-08-07145136.png Screenshot2021-08-07145146.png Screenshot2021-05-23101055.png Screenshot2021-09-09085640.png Screenshot2021-08-04142525.png Screenshot2021-09-18161355.png Screenshot2021-09-18162514.png Screenshot2021-09-18162802.png CAD57DD3-3B3B-4997-AF29-23427E607E3A.png

Recent Reviews

  1. AlbertDaGamer
    Version: 1.0
    I literally was looking for a Missouri License Plate mod, Great Job
    1. GhostBusterOrson
      Author's Response
      I'm planning on adding more plates later too
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