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Unsupported Mizuiro Kaga 1.0

Small package, big potential

  1. The Stig Is A Spy
    The Rinkai Motor Company was founded in the late 1980s, where it enjoyed moderate success from manufacturing sports sedans and coupes. It wasn't until the Japanese economic recession in the '90s though that the underdog automaker became a big name in Japan's auto industry, when it focused its efforts towards kei cars. While the kei car market was initially new to Rinkai, its experience with performance cars resulted in vehicles that were cheap, lightweight and basic, yet nimble and fun to drive.
    Fast forward twenty years, and the now-renamed Mizuiro Motor Company has made a name for itself with its lineup of performance vehicles. But as an homage to the company's success, it released a new kei car engineered towards the busy urban life of many of Japan's citizens. An unnamed concept was showcased at the 2012 Tokyo Motor Show to critical acclaim before being given the green-light for mass production as the Kaga S in 2013. Beneath the hood of the production "flower bud" sits a 43 kW (58 hp), 669 cc straight-3 engine, more than enough to propel the 407 kg (898 lb) car to highway speeds.

    s.png s-street.png
    The production Kaga S

    When the Kaga was released to the public, Mizuiro called on its racing division to modify it to its fullest. Despite weight increasing to 588 kg (1297 lb), a 159 kW (213 hp) race-tuned engine and aero upgrades more than made up for it. The Kaga Cup, as it's called, continues to see action in one-make races today.

    The Kaga Cup

    Mizuiro. Far and wide.

    So...I made a kei car. Not that special, but I'm happy with it nonetheless.
    - 12,000 RPM redline
    - Edited black-on-yellow kei license plate (S only)
    - Fixed headlights (the lenses no longer "fog up" when the lights are on)
    - Fog lights activate on the "high beam" headlight setting (S only)
    - New fixtures from the Automation B180922 update
    - Grille by Corvette6317
    - S exhaust by cesa210
    - Cup exhaust by cesa210
    - Cup rear diffuser by lso2k1s
    - S wheels by lso2k1s
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