(Mod of Mod) Wantel S5 K-Performance 1.1

Tuned Wantel S5 to mess with Supercars, 1180NM and 842hp

  1. PlayKoyote24
    You may know the Wantel S5 by "Was ist das?"
    If not, download it here first: https://www.beamng.com/resources/wantel-s5.7643/ (of course I asked for his permission before uploading)
    screenshot_2019-09-10_08-47-30.png screenshot_2019-09-10_08-47-52.png

    The Wantel S5 K-Performance is based on the V8 S with a 4.2l V8 BiTurbo with 545hp
    K-Performance increased the displacemnent to 4845ccm, installed a race intake, just more of everything turbo-related, increased the rev-range by 1500rmp, installed a much sportier (and louder) exhaust etc to give the engine 1180NM torque at 3500rpm as well as 842hp. The transmission was swapped out for a Koyote Dualclutch gearbox.
    The car got a weight reduction to 1676kg (if i remember correctly), got a stiffer suspension, race brakes, semislick tires, wider tires (and fenders), spoilers/wings to keep it on the ground etc. The esc was completely removed, as we figured out that every owner would disable it anyways so we could save weight.
    screenshot_2019-09-10_08-48-16.png screenshot_2019-09-10_08-48-25.png

    Disclaimer: It is not made for the track. Of course you can drive there, but it still is a fairly big sedan. The car will understeer quite a lot at first glance, but if you drove 1-2 laps, the front tires will be warm enough to create the needed grip to not understeer. screenshot_2019-09-10_08-48-43.png


    1. screenshot_2019-09-10_08-47-38.png

Recent Updates

  1. Less inertia, better throttle response
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