Beta Modern ETK Pushrod V8 3.0

ETKs equipped with a modern 6.2L Pushrod V8

  1. Engine model revision and new features + fixes

    Major Overhaul!

    1. Engine model now uses the Bolide engine model (to reflect better of the LT2 engine and the smaller dimensions of the Pushrod engine)



    If anything, refer to this picture.


    2. Added Twin-Turbocharged options with 3 different power levels (10, 20, 30 PSI)

    3. Added 3 configs in total (2 in ETK800 and 1 in ETK K)

    - ETK 800 LT2 TT 1000: A 1000 hp TT V8 wagon with 402 km/h of top speed

    - ETK 800 LT2 Rally: A 570 hp V8 rally monster with 322 km/h of top speed

    - ETK K LT2 TT 1000: A 1000 hp TT V8 race car with 402 km/h of top speed

    4. Fixed wheel models

    Note: If you like the old engine model better you can always go for the 1.0 version in the version history.


    1. screenshot_2022-05-18_18-43-40.png
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