Beta Modern ETK Pushrod V8 3.0

ETKs equipped with a modern 6.2L Pushrod V8

  1. Lots of updates!

    Lots of updates!

    1. Engine model upgrades to resemble more of an LT2 from the C8 Corvette! (particularly the red engine covers), however supercharger is (currently) removed unfortunately.





    2. New Config pics!

    screenshot_2022-06-24_22-24-40.png screenshot_2022-06-24_22-25-58.png screenshot_2022-06-24_22-27-27.png screenshot_2022-06-24_22-29-17.png screenshot_2022-06-24_22-34-55.png screenshot_2022-06-24_22-36-05.png screenshot_2022-06-24_22-36-53.png screenshot_2022-06-24_22-37-44.png

    3. Added one bonus config (requires @Milendur 's ETK800 Sedan mod)!


    LT2 Sedan SS, 650 hp and 350 km/h top speed, enjoy.
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